436 Communications Logo T-shirt

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Screenprinted short sleeve black t-shirt on 180gram cotton
- Boxy Fit, custom made design for this collection
- Screenprinted four three six logo on front breast pocket
- Screenprinted 436 Communications Logo on lower back
-  Four three six logo tag on sleeve
- 100% Cotton
-  Designed in Bristol by Retox
This is what 436 is all about....
Inspired in equal doses the by the past and the future four three six is an amalgamation of influences, discoveries, chance encounters and future visions. Represented firstly by the triangle logo, each triangle representing one of the three elements of art, music and style.  Equally represented by the 436 communications logo, referencing back to one of our first influences and our continuation of the story.  For this minimal designed t-shirt we found the blackest cotton we could get our hands on for maximum contrast with the white logos.  This t-shirt is designed to be worn in urban nightclubs, offices and subways.