Our Story


four three six amplify underground culture.  Taking it’s name from the length in minutes and seconds of a remix by it’s founder, the project is about remixing the concept of a record label, a clothing label and a brand. We do this by taking elements of electronic music, urban art and streetwear and turning them into a product that represents the true underground

If you take a step away from the mainstream there are underground artists who are trying to be heard, whether it’s by painting or pasting their art on walls around a town or city, or playing their music in a dark club in the early hours of the morning.  Everywhere on the planet has hidden subculture often just sitting below the surface and hiding in plain site. At four three six we amplify that culture, putting the underground to the foreground.

Our special edition wearable releases combine all three elements - a producer creates an EP of music, which is then given to an artist who creates a piece of work based upon the music. This is then screen printed onto a T-shirt with the tracklisting printed on the inside, and a download code for the music on the tag of the t-shirt, creating a wearable release. 

In addition to these our core brand range is a series of graphic t-shirts and wearables that represents the soul of underground creativity, and the hidden scenes in cities around the world.  Our mixtapes are snapshots of bass music culture recorded onto real cassettes. We also have a range of prints designed by the artists we work with.

We believe as much in analogue as we do digital, and try as much as possible to embrace both mediums equally.  We like to make things, and when we do we make the best things we possibly can. Taking inspiration from the craftmanship and attention to detail of the Japanese harajuku scene of the 90s we obsess about every little detail in everything we do.