Amplify Culture Long Sleeve

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Screenprinted long sleeve white t-shirt on 180 gram cotton
- Boxy fit, custom made design for this collection
- Screenprinted 'Amplify Culture' image on front chest
- Screenprinted four three six logo on back neck position
- Screenprinted 'paint-stripes' on sleeve
- Logo tag on sleeve
- Writing says 'Amplify Culture' in Japanese
-  100% Cotton
 - Designed in Bristol by Retox
The act of amplifying culture involves taking a step away from the mainstream, fast fashion and disposable culture.  At no time in history have we had so much information available at our fingertips, yet everyone searches for the same things!  Amplifying Culture involves taking a deep dive down the rabbitholes of cyberspace, or a unguided wander in the streets of a unknown city, finding something new then sharing it with a friend, slowly amplifying it's reach.  There is a Japanese word otaku, which is a term for people with obsessive interests, this long sleeve t-shirt is a nod to our slight obsession with Japanese street culture and all the rabbitholes we've gone down in the pursuit of knowledge about this scene.